Not everyone climbs the

stairs at our demise,
America; some of U.S. are
traveling in the opposite of
the eternal Elysian Fields.
Jesus warns'm repeatedly
they're on the road to Hell:
lost, black charcoal,
good for nthn except
being burnt endlessly
as you gnashNgnaw
your illbegotten mouth
in the sizzlin, grizzly,
unquenchable flames.
Vincent Que Se Vincent
(Latin: he conquers
who conquers himself)
What stands in His way?


If you disbelieve because
blocks your Way,
Satan 'loves' YOU!!!
God cannot be wrong;
it aint in His nature:
He loves each one of us
so much, He let's each
one of us decide which
path to tread:


Lemme give you some X-amp:
are you, BLM, going up?
are you, Antifa, going up?
are you, George Sorrows?
Howzbout your violence,
gay pride, anarchy, murder,
theft, deceit? Hmmm....
Is THAT the Way to Heaven?
Does Seventh-Heaven have
those whorizontal humans
without heartfelt repentance?
Does Jesus do those seven?
Or does Satan who wants to